Indian Creek Kennel

Welcome to our site

      Indian Creek Kennel is located in the North Central part of Illinois about 60 miles West of Chicago.  It was started by me, Chad Cartwright, in 2000 when I built my house in Sheridan, IL along the Indian Creek. 

     I have coon hunted since I was 4, tagging along with my Grandpa, Dave Meredith, who got me started.  I got my 1st dog in 1993 after winning the Red Fern Award through Coonhound Bloodlines.  I hunted Walkers my whole life until deciding to give Redbones a try in 2006. 

     Today, my wife Shellie, my oldest son Dylan (7), and youngest son Tyler (9 mos.) make Indian Creek Kennel what it is today.  Presently, I have 3 adult Redbones and a Walker female left from my old Walker dogs.  We hope you enjoy the sight.  Feel free to email or call anytime.  I love to talk dogs and will take you hunting about anytime.


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